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Hours of Operation

Monday 12pm-8pm

Tuesday 10am-8pm

Wednesday 10am-8pm

Thursday 10am-7pm

Closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all stat holidays

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*all times are estimates

*pricing is subject to gst

Limited Availability

Classic Lashes
Classic eyelash extensions are a ratio of one eyelash extension per one natural lash. This application provides you with extended lashes that are darker than your natural lash (whether brown or black extensions applied) plus a beautiful curl. Consider this look to be mascara, but better!
Hybrid Lashes
Hybrid eyelash extensions is the best of both worlds. The spiked definition classic provides along with the fullness and fluffiness from volume. 
All eyelash extension sets can be completed in black or brown, and for those feeling extra sassy coloured lashes can also be applied.
Volume Lashes
Volume eyelash extensions are a ratio of anywhere from two to five extensions per natural lash. Each grouping of extensions are hand crafted with special tweezers used by the technician to make beautiful fans. These fans are then applied at the base of the natural lash, allowing the extension bases to wrap around the lash distributing the weight evenly to promote healthy growth. With volume eyelash extensions the end look can either be very light, fluffy and flirty, or dark, dense and dramatic. Finished results are dependant on what your end goal looks is, along with what your natural lashes can healthily support.